Your Web Browser and Your Privacy

Your Web Browser and Your Privacy:

Privacy has become a priority for the browser but still, they cannot go far as you want to fight the intruders and hackers on the internet. New like Facebook’s Cambridge scandal due to which many people got scared of sharing information to Facebook for any other social media platforms, this incident showed that how these companies compile users’ data as they surf through the internet.

Their goal is unknown but still, we can say that it is to build a highly detailed user’s profile so that one can become the target of clickable more accurate and more profitable advertisements through which they earn.

Google and Apple are already in a war to grab more users over the internet, Google is already pushing itself more aggressively for making more interactive web browsers but Apple is moving slowly, but bringing more new features just worsens the security and is also annoying for some users. Privacy is the main concern of the users but still, the companies are at risk for their profit.

From the start, Apple announced that privacy is its top priority in all of its products its Web browser Safari. For some startups privacy is should be the main goal, Mozilla and Microsoft have started taking the privacy part seriously and they differentiate their browsers from Google Chrome in this way only. But Google Chrome started upgrading itself with a new thing named “privacy sandbox” in which they remove third party cookies to give you more privacy.

If you want to give a boost to your privacy then you should try another search engine other than the default one which you already had. I would recommend you all to use DuckDuckGo, although its result is not that accurate still it is a more privacy-minded search engine as it does not track what the user is searching for.

Another option to boost your privacy is to disable your web browser’s search engine auto-complete features and location tracking, turn off password auto-fills and always remember to delete your browsing history regularly.

And if you want to take your privacy to the next level, then you should try virtual private networks (VPNs), by using a VPN your location will always be hidden as you can change your location from one country to another.

As you all know Google Chrome is one of the world’s most famous web browsers but still it is considered to be the least private when used normally by users.

On the other side, Google Chrome is flexible and have also allowed independent developers to port their extensions which should be privacy-focused and help them to shake off trackers and intruders.

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