Windows 11 – The Next OS Of Microsoft 2021

Windows 11 – The Next OS Of Microsoft:

Windows 11 is around the corner. We have seen the build of it which was already got leaked while ago. Now it has made official by the Windows developer team that Windows 11 will be released just a week from now.

Microsoft is all set to announce Windows 11 at a live stream event. In the leak build we have seen the UI, but still there is many more things in Windows 11 UI for us.

Windows 11 SE:

There is a new news about the making of Windows 11 SE. This will be made on a tightly locked down edition which will be specially meant for the specialised use case.

The Windows Developer had made a tweet stating about the second event and they have added it to its public calendar for that same date. Although this event will be for Windows 11 developers only.
The event is going to be held on June 24, at 3 pm Eastern time.

Firstly, Windows 11 announcement event will start and then the Window developer event. We are not sure for how long the first event will be, but there will be definately some spare time in between both the event.

Windows 11 Leaked:

If you have got your hands on the Windows 11 leak build then you would have probably observe that all the built in applications are the same as the Windows 10. Windows 11 also have the old UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps.

However, it does not mean that all the previous applications will be suitable with the new Windows 11. Most probably the developer will able to target build 22000 or higher so that they can make use of the new APIs (Application programming interface).
The another important thing that you will most certainly hear about is the new Microsoft Store.

The new Microsoft Store is going to be the new big thing and will present the economic opportunities for the developer. Microsoft Store or Windows Store was built with windows 8 therefore, to get the app in Microsoft Store the application needs to be a metro app and so it must be built from the ground.

This was not practical, so with windows 10 the company had built something called bridges, which makes everything easy for the developer to get the app in the store. Project Centennial was a thing where the developer could have package a desktop app as a store app.

And this brings more and more apps into the microsoft store like iTunes.
The absolute great news is that with Windows 11 there is absolutely no barrier for the developer to get more and more application in the Microsoft Store. Not only that it won’t be needed to package tour app. And Microsoft will not be taking the cut of 30% like the other companies do.

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