WhatsApp Will Finally Let You Transfer Chats From iPhone To Android

WhatsApp New Update:

The WhatsApp company used to allow the user to transfer the data between iPhones or between Android smartphones only, which made it easy for the user to continue their conversations even after an upgrade of their smartphones.

But while switching from Android to iOS, (or vice versa) meant that you have to lose your conversation history and start all over again. But now the time has come, WhatsApp has now made it possible for you to transfer your history of WhatsApp chat from iPhone to an Android phone.

Since April, there were many reports relating to the arrival of a migration tool in WhatsApp for transfer between iOS and Android and now this has been confirmed by the Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp. This feature is first coming to Samsung’s latest smartphones.

In between the Galaxy unpacked event on 11th August, Samsung announced that users can now transfer their WhatsApp data like chat history, media from iOS to Android, on their Samsung Galaxy.

Chat Migration Feature Showing Up For Beta Testers:

Samsung also showed off a demo in which WhatsApp data was being transferred from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone using a USB cable.

WhatsApp has also confirmed the news of the migration tool for data transfer of iOS to new Samsung Galaxy smartphones the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. This migration tool will also be available to other Samsung smartphones having Android 10 and above in the future. But till now WhatsApp has not said anything about this feature to arrive on other Android smartphones. We don’t know the date when WhatsApp release this feature for non Galaxy smartphones, but it can be estimated that it will arrive with the new application named, Switch to Android, on which Google is working for iOS.

WhatsApp shared some only preview screenshots in which we can see that receiving the message history will work only when you are setting up a new device with your WhatsApp account.

While you’re importing your chat history, the WhatsApp application will be needing some permissions to restore your WhatsApp messages. Be careful as if you skip this step then you will not be able to import your chat history later on.

This was not a simple task which is done by WhatsApp as it took collaboration from smartphone makers and OS developers to secure and properly import and export encrypted messages, photos, and recorded voice.

An Insight team says that they have seen some signs of WhatsApp’s transfer feature in the Android’s ‘Data Restore Tool’, which tells us that Google has been giving in a lot of efforts to make it easy to switch from iOS to Android and vice versa. After the arrival of this feature, users can transfer their WhatsApp data directly and easily between iPhones and Androids.

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