Best WhatsApp SMS Bomber in 1 Click Online (100% Working & Free) 2023

WhatsApp SMS Bomber

Hey Lovely Peeps, You are here because you want to learn how to bomb your friend’s WhatsApp application with lots of messages. By the way, sometimes it can also crash your friend’s WhatsApp application.

But, Don’t be happy it may crash your smartphone too (just kidding xD). We also know how to recover your WhatsApp application from a crash that happens because of too much SMS bombing so please don’t be sad now. Well, it’s a common issue that low-end devices face because it consumes some amount of processor power to bomb too much WhatsApp SMS.

So first of all, WhatsApp Messenger or we can simply say, Whatsapp is an instant messaging and Voice over IP service which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. This application allows users to freely share images, locations, documents, and other information.

A WhatsApp account runs on one smartphone but it can also be logged in on PCs, till you have an internet connection in your smartphone while you are using your WhatsApp account on your PC.

The WhatsApp services are available for the ones who sign-ups in the app using a phone number and the people who have your phone number will be able to see your WhatsApp account and communicate with you, most people use this application to communicate with friends and have fun with them by making groups and sharing on images or stickers or gifs.

Now, there is another way to have fun with your friends or lover via WhatsApp and prank them, the name of the trick is WhatsApp SMS bomber.

Prank With WhatsApp SMS Bomber
Prank With WhatsApp SMS Bomber

What Is WhatsApp SMS Bomber

First of all, an SMS bomber third-party application through which you can send a large number of messages together at the same time to one or more than one number. Similarly, WhatsApp SMS bomber does the same work but this application is specifically developed for SMS bombing against WhatsApp users only.

With this bombing feature, this third-party application has many advanced features which you can enjoy without even spending a single buck. WhatsApp Messenger is modified by many developers who are available on the internet like GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, etc. But this is the only app that gives you the ultimate feature of SMS bombing your friend.

WhatsApp SMS Bomber Icon
WhatsApp SMS Bomber Icon


App Name: WUB (WhatsApp SMS Bomber)
App Version:  1.031
File Size: 250 kb
Android Version: 4.0 & Above
Developer: WUB Team
Price: Free

WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK Details

Why Use WhatsApp SMS Bomber

First of all, it is completely free, and you will not be getting any ads, its interface is also simple but you can make it look stylish by using the customise option from the settings. While SMS bombing your friend you can create customised messages, it is also capable of sending long paragraphs of words in the bombed SMS, the best part of it is the capability of sending a large number of messages to multiple numbers at the same time.

There are also advanced options in the settings to make your message look more attractive and unique. It also allows you to set the number of messages and speed of the messages, you can also choose a random option to prank your friend a little more.

It is compatible with all Android devices, it can also run on low-end devices. At last, you can use this application as a normal WhatsApp Messenger also with just unique features that you may find easy, useful and attractive to use.

Requirements To Use WhatsApp SMS Bomber

To use this WhatsApp SMS Bomber application on your smartphone you have to consider some simple steps to be set up before using this WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK.

So, Without wasting any more time let’s get straight into the requirements to download and use this WhatsApp SMS Bomber application on your smartphone.

  • First of all, You have to download the WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK on your smartphone. (you can directly download it by clicking on Download Button below)
  • It will work on any Android Device. But unfortunately, it will not work on iOS devices.
  • WhatsApp Messenger should be installed on your smartphone.
  • The Unknown Sources setting should be enabled. If you haven’t enabled it yet then: Go To Your Phone’s Settings > Security > Enable the “Unknown Sources” Option.
  • Enable Unknown Sources To Install WhatsApp SMS Bomber
  • Last but not least a Working Internet Connection should be activated.

WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK Download

You can download WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK by simply just clicking on the below “Download” Button. It will automatically start the download without any wait or link shortener.

How To Use WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK

WhatsApp SMS Bomber application is relatively easy to use. However, If you are a newbie in all this stuff and don’t have a proper idea of how to use it then don’t worry. We are here to solve all your queries related to this topic, just be with us and read this article to the end. Let’s get started with the easy steps below on how to use this WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK:

  • Download and install this application on your smartphone (the download link has already been provided above)
  • Once the WhatsApp SMS bomber is installed on your smartphone, open the application.
  • On the first page of the application, you can see a “Text” option, enter your desired message there which you want to bomb.
  • WhatsApp SMS Bomber APK
  • Below that there will be an option of “Amount”, enter the number of messages you want to bomb in numerical values.
  • There is also an option called “Advanced Options”, where you can customize your message even further. You can check it if you wish to.
  • WhatsApp SMS Bombing
  • Now finally with all the efforts, we have made so far, click on the “Send” button it will automatically redirect you to your WhatsApp application from there you can easily select the victim that you want to bomb. Enjoy ;).

How to Recover From WhatsApp Crash

It may crash your own WhatsApp application cause you are sending a lot of messages at once, Or maybe someone else is bombing you and sending you an unlimited number of WhatsApp messages then you can try the below steps to Recover From A WhatsApp Crash:

  • Go To Your Phone’s Settings
  • Then Click On Apps / Installed Apps
  • Select Your WhatsApp Application
  • Then Click On Force Stop Button

Done! Now you’ll not receive any bombing messages and your WhatsApp will not crash.


So, this is one of my favourite methods using which you can Crash your Friend’s WhatsApp app. The method is working perfectly fine and you can Crash your Friend’s WhatsApp with this method. But, due to WhatsApp’s Read More Feature, Nowadays It’s very complicated to bomb/crash someone’s WhatsApp. Hope you liked this Article on WhatsApp SMS Bomber NEW 1 Click SECRET METHOD (100% Working & Free) 2021

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