What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence is intelligence shown by machines to ease out human’s work and do their work fastly and effectively. Artificial Intelligence is like simulating human intelligence to machines in order to make them think just like humans. AI machines have the ability to self-learning and gradually develop problem-solving skills.

Artificial Intelligence is present all around you from your phone to the refrigerator, from your TV to AC, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and other assistants like Alexa are great examples of this technology. Artificial Intelligence has thousands of domains but it is mainly categorized into four types.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Reactive Machines:
    This is the most basic type of Artificial Intelligence, this type the machines are only reactive towards what they see, they can not make decisions through their past actions.
    IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer and Deep blue are some of the examples of this technology.
  • Limited Memory
    These are typically two of the Artificial Intelligence, Machines equipped with this kind of artificial intelligence can make decisions from their past actions and also learn from their past actions. Self-driving cars are the best example of this technology. Some of them are already in the market like Tesla cars.
  • Theory of Mind
    There are three types three of technology “The theory of mind” could be the division of what the machines are today and what they will be in the future. As the name suggests it would be something like giving the artificial mind to machines and making them able to think and show emotions, the machines would be much smarter than what they are today.
  • Self Awareness
    The last and most intelligent generation of machines will be shown in the fourth type of Artificial intelligence, this would be the extension of ‘Theory of mind’. In this type of intelligence the machines would be self-aware they will know what’s going on inside them they will have feelings and will also understand other’s feelings. But we are far away from that technology as of now!


So, this was a small introduction to what artificial intelligence is. If you learned something new today, share it with your friends.

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