Download ViMusic APK GitHub (Official) Latest V0.5.4 For Android 2023

Download ViMusic GitHub Official APK from this website, When you get bored sitting at home or going out for a walk then music plays a very big role to give peace to your mind and if you want to listen to some songs then we have some options available like YouTube, but it has two problems. That is, first of all, if you open a music video on YouTube to listen to any song an advertisement will come in front of you and such an advertisement that you cannot even skip it. So as long as a person has the desire to listen to music, he ends up watching advertisements and the second problem is that let’s assume that you start enjoying your music after watching the advertisement. The problem that comes here is that you have to keep your mobile turned on and you cannot do any other work in the background because if you minimize the YouTube application then your music will stop, which means the YouTube application does not support background playback if you are a free user.

If you guys want to get rid of these two problems, then you must have to buy YouTube’s premium subscription plan which not everyone can afford. Especially students! And the second option we have is Spotify but Spotify also has some problems. As? If you are using the free version of Spotify. So the song that you want to hear will be heard in low quality means you will not be able to enjoy the song completely because the quality of the song is low. Apart from that, advertisements run in the middle of the music too. So, to eliminate all these problems, the ViMusic application plays a huge role.

ViMusic APK GitHub

This application is an Android application that is used for streaming music. In the ViMusic application, you can play any song anytime anywhere and along with that, you get background playback support in it. Also, you will not be shown any advertisements in this, which will not spoil your music experience. Also, you can search Songs, Albums, Artist’s Videos & Playlists and you can also bookmark your favourite Artists and Albums.

ViMusic app is a very cool and amazing music streaming application. You’ll be quite impressed with the first look as it just looks so good. ViMusic application user interface is very impressive. If you open it, then first of all its recommendations are also very useful. At the top, you guys will find some Quick picks from all the trending songs or popular songs, you will get to see it. You can also play it directly from there. Also, you will find related albums in it. Along with this, you will also get Similar Artists. You guys will also find a playlist in it that you might appreciate. Like, Pop Biggest Hits Of 2022, Ultimate Love Songs, Dance Pop Fitness and whatever it is, you’ll find playlists of these songs.

If you want to listen to any song, then simply you have to click on the search icon and there you have to search for your favourite song. For example, “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, you will see a lot of search results from which you can play your favourite song. Also related to this, if you want to search for an album, then you can search that too and if you want to search for a specific artist, then you can also do the same and you will find all the songs of that singer or artist.

If you want to listen to a song that you have seen on YouTube, you can also listen to that because YouTube videos are also supported in this application. Although the videos will not be played in it, you can still enjoy the music as it is. Like if you search “shape of you” then you will get results in songs and if you want to get results in videos then you can click on the “Videos” section and all the video search results you get on YouTube will be shown there. You will be very satisfied.

Description Of ViMusic APK

ViMusic GitHub APK

Name: ViMusic
Version: 0.5.4
Size: 2 MB
Developer: vfsfitvnm
Category: Music

Why You Should Download The ViMusic APK

You must download this ViMusic application on your android device because it is absolutely free of cost. Along with this, you will not get to see any advertisements in this application. Also, you can listen to almost all the songs and music anytime in very high quality. This application is also very lightweight and almost all android devices support it. Along with this, The ViMusic app’s look and feel are also very amazing.

The most amazing thing is its security and its privacy because this application does not ask for any permission from your device. For example, storage permission or any location permission is not required to use this application, This application is absolutely very safe and secure to download. You can also use it very easily without any hassle because of its simple user interface. Also, it has a lot of amazing features that you can find below in this article.

Features Of ViMusic APK

Play (almost) Any Song or Video: You can listen to almost any song or video in this application anytime anywhere without any problem.

Background Playback: You can play music in the background and if you have minimized the app, then the music will not stop.

Cache Audio Chunks: The cache of audio chunks are stored, because of which you can play music offline as well.

Multiple Search: You can search multiple things like Songs, Albums, Artists, Videos and Playlists.

Bookmark: You can bookmark your favourite artist and albums.

Import Playlists: You can import any playlist from YouTube.

Light/Dark/Dynamic Theme: You can choose a light theme or dark theme and the dynamic theme is also available, which gives you a very amazing look and feel.

Sleep Timer: You will also get a sleep timer in which you can set a timer and after the timer ended it will automatically stop playing music.

Open YouTube/YouTube Music Links: You can directly open the links of YouTube and YouTube Music.

Many More.


In the end, I would just like to say that the application is a very amazing music streaming application in which you can play any music at any time. The most special thing about ViMusic is that you will not get to see any advertisements on it. So, you must download and install this amazing application on your mobile smartphone and at least use it once. If you guys are facing any problems, or issues regarding this ViMusic application then you can definitely comment in the comment section below.

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