Easy Guide To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1

Hey, You are here because you want to know How To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1. A recent midrange phone on the market is the Nothing Phone 1. One of the most awaited mid-range phones ever exists. It is known as “Glyph lights” because of the innovative transparent design and LEDs. The phone’s unique design gives it a high-end appearance. If you have a Nothing Phone 1 and want to unlock it’s bootloader then this article is for you. I am going to share the easy method right here on How To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1.

The bootloader of Nothing Phone 1 and every other Android device out there is locked. OEMs do not want you to unlock it since your phone might be harmed or hacked. Therefore, the bootloader is locked by default. If you are an Android geek like myself who is always testing/developing custom ROMs, modifications, or kernels. Then the bootloader of the phone must be unlocked.

Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1

The bootloader is a secure code given by the manufacturer that prevents you from modifying the operating system with new custom codes. These are the steps to getting started with modified ROMs. Most smartphones nowadays can have their bootloaders safely unlocked, and when they’ve been rooted, you may also personalise your device.

A phone’s locked bootloader is a plus point for device security because it prevents system modifications. But to modify and root your Nothing Phone 1, you must first unlock the bootloader. Be aware that unlocking the bootloader could erase all of the data on your Nothing phone 1, including documents, videos, and other types of media. Make a full backup before continuing. Now let’s talk about the requirements to unlock bootloader of nothing phone 1.

Requirements To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1

  • Your Nothing Phone 1 should be charged at least 60%.
  • Remove all passwords and fingerprints (biometrics) from your device.
  • Make a backup of all the important files and data. This process will completely reset the phone.
  • Download ADB fastboot Drivers and install it on your computer.
  • Download and Unzip Platform Tools on your computer, to run the Fastboot Commands.
  • Now, go to ‘Settings > About Phone > Software Info > tap on the Build number 7 times until it says you’re now a developer.
  • Now enable USB Debugging mode and OEM Unlocking mode on your phone. Go to Settings > System > Developer Option and enable both options.
  • To Unlock The Bootloader of the Nothing Phone 1, Please follow the steps and commands below.
Steps To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone 1 Bootloader Unlocked

Steps To Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1

  1. Connect your Nothing Phone 1 to your computer in step one. Make sure that your PC has installed all of the necessary drivers we mentioned above.
  2. Next, Go to the Platform Tools folder and launch the Command Prompt window by typing cmd in the address bar of the platform tool folder.
  3. Reboot and go to the bootloader menu of your phone. To do this, either hold down the power and volume down keys while booting or use the following ADB command.
adb reboot bootloader
Nothing Phone 1 Bootloader Mode
Nothing Phone 1 Bootloader Mode

4. Once you’re in bootloader mode. Enter the following command to unlock the bootloader.

fastboot flashing unlock
  • You must then run another command if you need to flash low-level firmware partitions, like the bootloader images:
fastboot flashing unlock_critical
Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1
Unlock Bootloader Of Nothing Phone 1

6. The bootloader will be unlocked, and the phone will reboot to the bootloader menu. This time, a red warning icon and the word “unlocked” will appear in the bootloader.

7. Restart the phone at this point. For the phone to restart, enter the following instruction.

fastboot reboot

Congratulations, the bootloader of your Nothing Phone 1 has been unlocked! You can unlock the bootloader of your new Nothing phone 1 in this way.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Unlocking Bootloader


  • Install whatever custom recovery you want. similar to Orange Fox and TWRP
  • Rooting your Nothing Phone 1 will be easy.
  • Install custom ROMs such as Lineage OS, Pixel experience, and others.
  • Overclock the performance of your device.
  • Get rid of any bloatware on the smartphone.
  • Use any Custom kernel you want.


  • After unlocking the bootloader, the warranty is avoided.
  • No longer receive OTA updates from officials.
  • If any step is missed, your phone will be bricked.
  • The phone’s security is compromised.

Final Words

So, that’s all that is required to unlock the bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. You can now root your phone after the bootloader has been unlocked. You’ll be happy to learn that it takes just a few seconds to unlock bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. So, please share this article if you liked it. I hope you have understood this guide on how to unlock bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. If you are having any issues on how to unlock bootloader of nothing phone 1 then the comment section is always open below, ask your questions or issues there and I’ll reply to you.

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