Top 5 Best Online Learning Platforms In 2021

Online Learning Platforms:

There are lots of options of online platforms from where you can learn new skills for free but there are some which give job-ready courses, the top 5 of them are here below.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a learning site that offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for free from good and well-known colleges and universities. All the courses in Coursera are already been recorded videos that can be watched anytime according to the timetable of the users.

Coursera also has programs with universities that allow the learner to get a specialisation or a master degree. You can also explore many college courses without any difficulty.

This open learning site is offering free programs from good institutions. A leading university designs the free certification of these online courses.

2. Udemy

Udemy helps you to learn from their courses of different categories like marketing, design, business, etc. via smartphone or any device online.

By learning from this site with an extensive library of different courses you can develop new skills and achieve your goals earlier than expected. Experts teach subjects in Udemy.

A brief description of these free courses with certifications can be viewed by all kinds of devices with internet availability. You are not required to have any kind of qualifications to take any course on this platform.

3. Udacity

Udacity online teaching platform will help you in learning courses of numerous categories like development, design, business etc.

These online courses are good for students who want to learn and earn a decent amount for their extra pocket money and also if they learn in advance and learn new skills they can make a career with their knowledge.

Udacity also has good quality courses, it even prepares you for interviews, this site will become your mentor if you properly use it.

4. Edx

This platform is one the best free online course provider, it offers you courses that are of university level and in varieties of disciplines. You can access subjects like language, engineering, computer science, data science and many more.

This site has a subject sequence per week. This contains a short video with exercises that is to be learnt. There are video tutorials, similar to the group discussions like the one which is done on campus.

Students can post questions to the teachers and they get their answers forward as quick as possible and as told before they provide you with a certificate after the completion of a course.

5. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning which was previously known as Lynda courses. It is an online site that offers you video courses. There are about 15,000 free courses in 7+ different languages for free, so that language doesn’t become a barrier between knowledge and the learner.

These free certification courses provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience without spending a penny. These LinkedIn training courses are like a feast for beginners and also useful for intermediate learners and experts. These courses involve topics like Personal Development, Business, Design & Tech, and Entrepreneurship.

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