Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe In The Rainy Season

Keep Your Smartphone Safe In The Rainy Season:

During the rainy season or monsoon, many of us lose our smartphones or gets damaged due to water, if the smartphone is not waterproof. Waterproof smartphones are really expensive and most of the customers cannot afford those smartphones but they also have the right to save their phones from water. Here are some tips for those types of customers in this article.

Zip Pouch:

Whenever you are traveling or going out during monsoon season then this zip pouch would be very useful to you, always keep your smartphone in a zip pouch that is affordable and very easily available in your nearby market. Your smartphone with safe from water in the zip pouch until you take it out of the zip pouch.

Waterproof Case:

Buy a waterproof case for your smartphone. There is an unending list of stylish waterproof cases for smartphones. You can get your waterproof case from shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also get specifically designed waterproof cases for your smartphone. In this way, you can save your smartphone from water as well as look stylish.


If you are having a Bluetooth headset then you should use it to answer important calls while you are stuck in rain or traveling during monsoon season. You can even use normal wired headphones as they are cheaper but we would recommend using Bluetooth headsets as this way you will not miss any important calls and also you will not be required to put out your smartphone from your pocket or bag when it’s raining.

Using Rice:

In case the smartphone fell into water or some water spills on it then the first and best thing to do is to quickly put the smartphone into a box of uncooked rice. This helps in absorbing the water from the smartphone.

Do not use a hairdryer:

Whenever water is poured on your smartphone, do not use a hairdryer as it does not really help and also damages the smartphone. Instead of this you can take a hand towel and wrap it around your smartphone to dry it.

Do Not Charge Your Smartphone While It’s Wet:

When your smartphone is wet do not charge it. Do not hurry to switch your smartphone on and check whether your smartphone is working state or not. It has been advised that you should not plug in the charger until your smartphone is completely dry.

Take a Mobile Insurance:

If you have a high-end smartphone and you have already spent a lot on that smartphone then you should take insurance for that phone so that you have peace of mind and also save some money as phone companies do not give you a warranty against water damage or theft and whatever offer is given it is given for a short period but having an insurance for your smartphone can cover all of these.

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