TicWatch GTH Review | Features & Display | Battery Backup

TicWatch GTH Review:

TicWatch GTH is the latest pocket-friendly smartwatch from the Mobvoi company, it offers many new and advanced features like tracking your heart rate, skin temperature, SpO2, stress levels, respiratory rate, and many others that the customer cannot find under the price range of ₹5000. Let’s see in this article about the TicWatch GTH.


The TicWatch GTH has a rectangular dial with a trendy design. This device is having a physical button, metal watchcase, and a good-sized display. It is built beautifully and can go with any type of attire. This company ships TPU bands of good quality (20mm). There is also a button at the back of the smartwatch to remove and change the straps easily. This smartwatch is small in size and light in the matter of weight, this makes it very comfortable so that the user can wear it all day.


TicWatch GTH has a 1.55-inch touchscreen display, it is good in brightness as one can see the contents on the smartwatch even when the user is outside. The touchscreen is also good and responsive, you will experience any stutter while you’re swiping left and right through different screens. The messages which are displayed on this smartwatch are in a typewriter-style font, kind of old school.


During the usage, we found out that this smartwatch does not show accurate heart rate and it also doesn’t give detailed data but its application, the Mobvoi app gives only a graph that is difficult to read. This smartwatch can also read your body temperature and this feature is nearly accurate. For the sleeping patterns, the data given by this smartwatch is also almost accurate just a difference of few minutes.

The counting of steps is also accurate, but it does not register steps while the user is traveling in a car or any other vehicle. It is tested that it counted 113 steps when the person took 100 steps. One point should be noted that no inbuilt GPS is there in this smartwatch, which means your traveled distance will not be that much accurate. This watch has different 14 Sports modes.


This TicWatch GTH has a good battery backup. It can last up to four days if the utilization is light, but it will last for 2 days if the utilization is heavy.

Mobvoi App:

You can install the Mobvoi app on your device if you want to know your fit data. The app is buggy and it needs an update. Many watch faces are there so you can choose your own.

At last, we can say that this is a very good watch but it isn’t for sports tracking kinds of stuff, but the features like step counting, heart rate, sleep timings, SpO2 can be used properly.

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