The NINTENDO Switch OLED Announced

The NINTENDO Switch OLED Announced:

The Nintendo Switch OLED was announced last week and the gamers in India were really excited about the announcement and are eagerly waiting for it to arrive soon in the country. But Nintendo has not yet said anything about entering the Indian market and the reason behind it is the Indian government’s BIS policies that the company thinks to be unfit for its business which increases the illegal or grey markets on which Nintendo fans need to rely on for consoles.

The Nintendo Switch was really successful more than other companies in India which is why they should be putting a lot of effort into this OLED model so that it impresses the first-time Nintendo Switch customers. The price of the Nintendo switch could be $349.99 which means Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000, it is stated that it will be released on 8 October in the US, but any date related to release in India has not been given but it also has not been denied which means that the Nintendo Switch OLED can also be released in India on 8 October as same as in the US and other countries.

The business of Nintendo is bigger than other gaming consoles like Xbox Series S, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X, according to a report. We can also say this with another reason which is that, till March 2021, Nintendo Switch had already sold a large number of its unit which is about 1,00,000 units and this number was bigger than the total number of sales of the gaming consoles of other companies like Microsoft and Sony in 2020. The Nintendo Switch OLED is not a massive update to its previous console but a little better version like the PS4 Pro but it will surely impress the ones who are buying a Nintendo Switch console for the first time.

The library of games is considered the strongest than ever before and also with a great number of amazing titles which are already present there and a lot more to come. Nintendo accepting the third-party games for its Switch made it the most successful and popular as many games like Celeste and Doom Eternal were the major hit games on this gaming console. The Nintendo Switch OLED model’s looks and hardware are very matching with the original Nintendo Switch but there is a difference and that is its 7 inches vibrant OLED display. So the Nintendo players should wait and stop themselves from buying the Nintendo Switch from other illegal sources as there are rumors that exist which tell you about the Nintendo Switch Pro which you can buy officially after waiting for some time.

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