Telegram Beta Update Released With New Features

Telegram Beta:

In 2013 the telegram project was firstly launched since then it has been updating and becoming a better version of itself. This a free messenger for PCs and smartphones which allows you to organize group video calls even for 1000 viewers, exchange media files and text messages, you can even conduct voice chats with listeners of more than millions, and many more features.

Pavel Durov has said that Telegram will continue upgrading with new functions, improvements which will help them in the future, and now they are going to launch Telegram 8.0 but first its beta version.

Telegram 8.0 beta version is available for macOS and Android. The developers of this application have added to this messenger many more options for managing chats, communication, and news feed.

Let’s talk about the new features of the Telegram 8.0 beta version:


In this updated version the user can skip the unread messages and also can switch to other chats just by swiping up and down. Swipe up I will show you the unread messages and this function will work for both the general list of chats and channels located in the folder.

Forwarding A Message Without The Sender’s Name:

Now you can hide your name in the forwarded messages, but this function was already available to other messengers, then also if you need to activate this function just select the message options to activate it will appear in front of you.

The Ability To Record Voice Chats:

This function allows the user to record the soundtracks of the voice chats and also the video sequence. Now it will be possible to record videos both in landscape and portrait modes. It is quite an unusual feature.

Animate Messages Using A Gradient Palette:

When the user is sending a message, several beautiful colors can turn that into an animation, which is going to be fun and interesting.

‌A Selection Of Gifs That Match The Emoji:

Selecting and sending a GIF image has now become easier and quicker just like it was for an emoji or a sticker.

Advertising Labeling:

Previously, sponsored ads were marked with an inscription but now there will be a harbinger in the posts of advertisements, this was said by Pavel Durov himself.

In The Status Bar The Process Of Choosing A Sticker Will Be Displayed:

This feature is new and many are interested in it but the reason to develop this feature is not mentioned by the developers.

Pavel Durov tells the story of the success of the Telegram Messenger. The Telegram is now 8 years old and due to this date, Pavel Durov has announced that the messenger which he created was ranked as the seventh most downloaded application of the world, according to reports of the previous year.

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