Technology a Boon or a Ban

Technology a Boon or a Ban:

Everything has its pros and cons. Technology too stands with two sides of the coin. The specialty of technology is, what you use today is primitive tomorrow. No doubt it is ever increased and will be increasing.

Technologies created homes for every bird of the era. From shoppings to studies, everything is whirling about it. Now every country’s growth is highly dependent on the factor of technology. Fields like blogging, gaming, websites, and much more have created golden opportunities for each individual to grow.

Not only binding in money, but it also has very beneficial knowledge like different cultures, traditions, translation of languages, mouth-watering recipes, education, the list is never-ending. One of the key roles is it helps us to circulate the correct news, information, and crime scenes in just seconds.

These were the few undoubtedly best positive approaches. Now, as we all know, nothing in the world is free from the other side of the coin. It’s the negative aspects of technology. It rightly said, “technologies invented to save our time. The irony is it’s a waste of time.” If not used properly.

Just look around same games and series are the types of business to some. While for others is a complete waste of time. In 2020 PUBG became very wealthy, but there was a long list of complaints about it, as many parents were concerned about their children in this regard.

Due to continuous playing, there were many life-threatening cases that came up. In India, because of its insanity, it was banned. Likewise, in previous times people use to record their memories, but after the invention of computers and mobiles, they started saving there.

Health concerns are one of the main issues of technology. Pollution, the other trending cause for the destruction of Earth’s ecological balance and, this is due to the increase in technological industries that diversely affected it.

It doesn’t restrict one, to say it’s a boon or it’s a ban. Naturally, it has both repulsive and attractive nature. The positivity that technologies carry has mysteries of true treasure. Cons are a bucket full of unpleasant endings. It depends on you, what you prefer? A boon or a ban.

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