Microsoft Data Breach Discovered by Wiz

Microsoft Data Breach:

On Thursday Microsoft warned thousands of its cloud computing users, which includes a few of the world largest companies, that some intruders may have got the ability to change, read and delete the main databases, according to cyber security personnel.

This data breach was detected by a research team of a security company named Wiz, that time discovered that they were able to access keys that control access to the databases of thousands of companies. Wiz’s Chief Technology Officer, Ami Luttwak, used to work in Microsoft as a chief technology officer at its Cloud Security Group.

As Microsoft cannot change the access keys on its own, the company has sent emails to the customers informing them about this breach and advising them to create new access keys. Microsoft has paid around US$40,000 to Wiz for finding the flaw and reporting it to them.

In the email, Microsoft has said to its users that there is no evidence that this error had been exploited. But Luttwak issued a statement that this was the worst cloud vulnerability that anyone can imagine, and the Wiz team also claims that they got into the central database of Azure, and were able to get access to the customer database they wanted to.

Luttwak’s team found this problem on 9th August and after verifying they notified Microsoft on 12th August. This error was in a visualisation tool named Jupyter Notebook, it has been present for years but got access by default in February. After a news channel reported on the Microsoft data breach, the Wiz company explained the things in detail in their blog.

Luttwak even warned the users who did not get the notice by Gmail by Microsoft to change their access keys as there is a chance that they were also attacked by the hackers. Microsoft has informed the customers whose access keys were visible the month in which the Wiz was researching about it.

It is suspected that Microsoft was breached by Russian government hackers who also stole Microsoft source code and infiltrated Solarwinds, then it was open to a wide number of hackers.

Recently, a fix for a printer error allowed computer takeovers to be done repeatedly. There was another big flaw in the previous week that the U.S. government had to issue a warning to tell the users to need to install patches issued months ago as some are exploiting them.

The problems with Azure is the one that is troubling more, ad Microsoft and outside security experts have been telling companies to remove paperwork and have faith in the cloud for security as cloud attacks are rare but still, they are more destructive when they happen some of them never come in the eyes of public.

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