Ultimate Guide Of Maxima Max Pro X4 Review & Features (Pros & Cons) 2021

Maxima Max Pro X4
Maxima Max Pro X4

Maxima Max Pro X4

Maxima Max Pro X4 has a special kind of combination of functions and style that makes you look different and unique. The battery life of this smartwatch is up to 15 days which eventually saves the time to frequently charge it and everybody knows time is money, so you should also invest both your time and money to make a profit out of it.

During the pandemic, many people started working out at home, with that fitness bands and smartwatches came into their actual use. Most of the smartwatches come with a number of sensors including the SpO2 sensor which measures the blood oxygen levels of the body.

Now, coming to the topic the latest smartwatch has entered into the market, Maxima Max Pro X4. The Watch is available at the price of Rs. 3,799 and if you are interested in buying this smartwatch then you should look in this article having its review.


Maxima Max Pro X4 has a circular dial with a touchscreen display, its features are a build-up of polycarbonate, with a glass display.

A power button is present at the side of the circular dial which performs many different types of functions. This smartwatch is lightweight, lighter than most smartwatches launching nowadays weighing only 42 grams.

Even though it is lightweight it does not mean that it is weaker than other smartwatches, it has a strong build due to the presence of the high-density ABS casing, also it is water-resistant and the silicone strap is soft and is so comfortable that the user can wear it for hours straight.


Talking about the display, this smartwatch has a 1.3 inch TFT IPC display circular in shape. It is said that that this smartwatch has a brightness of 380 nits and it is clear to see even from some distance.

This also means that its screen is bright and is also visible outside but in the direct sunlight, it may not be that much clear as before.

100+ Watch Faces

The Maxima Max Pro X4 features more than 100 watch faces that you can set over the display and customise the look of the smartwatch. You can choose a photo from your smartphone’s gallery and set it as the watch face.

Now, let’s talk about the rear, the required sensors are present and magnetic connectors too for charging it from the charger.

Health Related Features

The Maxima Max Pro X4 will become your smart health tracker as it has an in-built oximeter function that is powered by an LC11 heart rate sensor which gives almost accurate results. The on-wrist health assistant will help you in improving your quality of rest and also can record your time of sleep with much accuracy.

You can even track your everyday growth in your performance with 10 modes of exercises and sports like swimming, running, walking, climbing, football and many more, but in order to do these functions, it is needed to be paired with smartphones of Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 and above by the Coolwear app.


Talking about battery performance, the Maxima Max Pro X4 chipset can last up to 15 days, this was claimed by the company but, if it is used continuously, it will last for five days only but on standby, This smartwatch surely have a longer duration.

Maxima Max Pro X4 Pros & Cons
Maxima Max Pro X4 Pros & Cons


1. Attractive Design And Crystal Clear Display

The Maxima Max Pro X4 smartwatch features a 3.30 cm (1.3 inches) TFT IPS Ultra Retina round screen with a 2.5D curved display and 320×320 DPI resolution, all this gives the user a clear and crisp display quality. It also comes with sturdy tempered glass which gives it extra health to use in daily life.

2. Accurate SpO2 Readings

This smartwatch uses the LC 11 Heart Rate sensors to produce accurate SpO2 readings to keep regularly checking your health, by continuously monitoring the user’s Heart Rate.

3. Optimised Chipset

It is powered by Realtek RTL8762CK Chipset to give optimised results for the extra-long life of the battery, up to 15 days.

4. Lightweight and Battery

This smartwatch is comfortable to wear all day long and its battery life is very much longer than anyone can expect from a smartwatch as this uses a Seiko protection board to monitor its Li-ion voltage to manage the charge cycles which in turn protects the battery from deep discharge and overcharging.

5. IP 68 Water Resistant

This smartwatch is rated IP68 level for water-resisting with not only protects the watch from water but also dust and sand. So there will be no need to worry about all the places you go with the smartwatch in your hand.


1. Absence of Camera

Yes, your read it right, this smartwatch does not have a camera as it already had a lot of features.

2. It is not Scratch Resistant

Though this smartwatch is water, dust and sand resistant, there will be a risk of occurrence of a scratch on the screen if you hit hard with your nail.

3. No E-Mails

This smartwatch cannot receive or send e-mails.


Well, this watch is a really a good buy for those who want a medium-ranged smartwatch as this watch is priced at ₹3,799, then also it gives a lot of features which are available in high end and expensive smartwatch with its elegant and premium design on the outside and the comfort given by this watch is amazing due to its lightweight.

So, at last, this smartwatch has some cons but still, the pros are too much and can surely cover it up, yes, it will be a good buy for you.

Last Words

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