Li-Fi The Future Technology – How Much Better Is It Than Wi-fi?

Li-Fi The Future Technology:

A German physicist Harald Haas who invented Li-Fi Technology was a professor and director of the LiFi Development and Research Centre at Edinburgh University. This technology is going to reach our homes in just a few years.

For now, it is in the testing stage and it is being tested with the help of LED luminaires in several offices all around the world and the aeronautical industry are trying to find solutions on how to use LiFi technology on aircraft.

The speed of LiFi technology is multiple times of 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi and also Wi-Fi has a limited capacity of several devices to be connected and also when more devices are connected into Wi-Fi technology then the speed reduces and also there are interruptions in the connection, but LiFi technology is cheaper, faster and more secure than Wi-Fi. There are lots of benefits of using lifi instead of Wi-Fi some of them are:

1. Faster:

The speed range of Wi-Fi is between 11 and 300 MB/s, on the other hand, the average speed of Lifi is around 10 GB/s but it is also been proved that it could reach 224 GB/s, which means 1.5 GB of files can be downloaded in just a few seconds.

2. Cheaper & More Sustainable:

As you read earlier the speed of LiFi is more than Wi-Fi, but still, it is 10 times cheaper than Wi-Fi as it uses less energy and requires lesser components than Wi-Fi.

3. More Accessible:

Any type of light fitting can be converted as an internet connection point as only a LiFi emitter is needed to be fitted for the LiFi technology.

4. More Secure:

Unlike radio waves light cannot pass through walls which prevents unknown persons from connecting your connection freely.

5. More Bandwidth:

Also, the light spectrum is ten thousand times wider than the spectrum of radio, due to which the volume of the data is more of LiFi.

6. More Reliable:

Lifi technology does not face interruptions while making communication with devices that it is more stable wireless communication technology.

7. Wireless and invisible:

LiFi has advantages as its medium is light, so so there is no need for cables for this technology. Moreover, it can also be operated with infrared light (invisible to the human eye) or with normal light at a very low intensity so that it is almost invisible to the human naked eye.

This technology is going to foreshadow Wi-Fi and other wireless networks but we will have to wait few years to use this wonderful technology as we use Wi-Fi now and also engineers and scientists are trying to use LiFi technology under street lights so that this technology reaches everyone.

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