Top 5 Incredible Laptops Under 15000 In India 2021

Top 5 Incredible Laptops Under 15000 In India 2021

Incredible Laptops Under 15000

Nowadays laptops have become a necessary electronic product regardless of the person’s profession.

Even if you are a student you will be needing a laptop for studies, online classes and to get other study materials from the internet, as a working professional you will surely need a laptop and there is a good amount of chance of you thinking about buying a laptop.

As a laptop helps in a lot of ways from giving representations to your college/school projects and even if you need a recipe for an item from the internet, by these ways laptop offers you many comforts.

There are many types of laptops present in today’s time and the companies are launching its new versions day by day, these laptops are differentiated by their screen size, model size and most importantly you should buy the laptop which fits under your bill as well as does your work efficiently.

Moreover, laptops are not bound to one place like desktops and due to more advancement in technology, it has become more light and easy to carry around with you.

Now you can find a lot of laptop companies that gives impressive features and specs and also come under your budget like the amount of ₹15,000.

These laptops are low-end devices but have a lot of features which is helpful for you and here we will be talking about the top 5 laptops under 15000.

1. Acer One 10 Atom Quad Core

Acer One 10 Atom Quad Core (Laptop Under 15000)
Acer One 10 Atom Quad Core
? DISPLAY:25.65 cm (10.1) IPS
PROCESSOR:Atom Quad-Core
? RAM:2 GB

If you are looking for a good computing laptop then Acer Aspire one S1002 Netbook can be the first one for you as it is lightweight and compact, it also has a detachable keyboard the laptop also has high-quality Li-po, this laptop can continuously work for 8 hours. The processor is Atom Quad-Core, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, Windows 10 and a 10.1-inch screen.
Price – ₹14,000

2. iBall CompBook M500

iBall CompBook M500 (Laptop Under 15000)
iBall CompBook M500
? DISPLAY:14-inch Display IPS
PROCESSOR:Celeron Dual-Core
? RAM:2 GB

This laptop is also with Windows 10 as the Home and it has a 14-inch display. The processor of this laptop is Celeron Dual-Core Processor and it has 4GB RAM with 32 GB HDD storage capacity.
Price – ₹12,999

3. LAVA Helium 14

LAVA Helium 14 (Laptop Under 15000)
LAVA Helium 14
? DISPLAY:14.1-inch Display IPS
PROCESSOR:Atom Quad Core
? RAM:2 GB

Lava Helium 14 laptops come with striking specifications and a lot of features. The user can work for long sittings for up to 9 hours on this laptop which comes with an effectively designed keyboard which can be said as Chicklet keyboard. There is a low to zero chance of overheating this device. This comes with Atom Quad Core x5 processor 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, 14.1-inch screen size and Windows 10 as Home.
Price – ₹14,999

4. Micromax Canvas Labtab LT666W

Micromax Canvas Labtab LT666W (Laptop Under 15000)
Micromax Canvas Labtab LT666W
? DISPLAY:10.1-inch Display IPS
PROCESSOR:Atom Quad Core
? RAM:2 GB

If you’re looking into buying a new laptop in mid-range then Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666W Laptop can be a good option for you as it has a full length, is sturdy, and detachable keyboard which will let you work for a longer time of up to 10 hours with more comfort. Furthermore, this laptop has Atom Quad-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, 10.1-inch screen and Windows 10 as Home.
Price – ₹10,490

5. Asus Vivobook E200HA-FD0006TS Laptop

Asus Vivobook E200HA-FD0006TS (Laptop Under 15000)
Asus Vivobook E200HA-FD0006TS
? DISPLAY:10.6-inch Display IPS
PROCESSOR:Atom Quad Core
? RAM:2 GB

Purchase the Asus Vivobook E200HA-FD0006TS Laptop if you want amazing features and specifications, it has a chiclet or island-style keyboard which helps you to type easier, super quality Li-po which gives you the time to work on this laptop for up to 13 hours. The processor of this laptop is Atom Quad Core X5 with 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, Windows 10 as Home and an 11.6-inch screen.
Price – ₹15,000


So, these are my favourite top 5 laptops under 15000, Which one do you like the most tell me in the comment section. Personally, I will go for the LAVA Helium 14 laptop because you are getting good specs under this price range.

If you are having any issues then the comment section is always open below, ask your question or issue there and I’ll definitely reply to you. Hope you liked this article on Top 5 Incredible Laptops Under 15000 In India 2021.

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