Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous for Humans?

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:

In the modern era of science and technology, we all heard of Artificial Intelligence and tons of speculations about what artificial intelligence is and what are the major or minor changes it can bring in the future. You don’t need to bang your head, today in this article you will be clarified what artificial intelligence actually is, so without any further delay let’s head on to today’s article.

How Artificial Intelligence was created?

Artificial Intelligence is also known as AI was gradually developed by software engineers of Google, Facebook, and other tech giants. It works on the collection of huge amounts of data to learn and develop various algorithms to develop problem-solving skills and performs its assigned tasks. It has the ability to learn from experiences. There are some examples of highly advanced Artificial Intelligence robots such as SOFIA developed by Hanson Robotics.

Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous for Humans?

This is one of the most contradicting questions on Artificial Intelligence nowadays. There are some guns operated by Artificial Intelligence which if hacked will be dangerous to human life.

In my opinion, it is both but in different conditions. If we are using this in a limit or we do not over cross the ‘Theory of mind’ and there is no possibility as of now of AI overtaking humans, but if we reach the four type of  “self-awareness” stage then the possibilities again are divided into two.
If machines understand humans well and become their friend then it would be a cherry on the pie for humans and if they consider humans as enemies then the results might be dangerous.

Will Artificial Intelligence take over human jobs in the future?

This is also the most commonly asked question, Yes are greater chances of job insecurity due to Artificial Intelligence. According to a survey of the world economic forum by 2025, 80 million jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence-equipped machines and will cause a greater loss in human job opportunities. Yes so the question is genuine it will lead to job loss in some of the sectors.

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