iPhone 13’s Face ID May Recognise You Even When You Wear Masks & Glasses

Apple is trying to find a solution for unlocking the iPhone with glasses and masks on the faces. Reports say that Apple is training its facial recognition technology (Face ID) to detect faces with their masks on, also so Apple is conducting trials for testing this feature.

The latest iPhone, iPhone 13 is reported to be launched this year. This launch is very near and there are many leaks, rumours which points that there will be upgrades that will take Apple’s device to the upper level.

There are many features such as better cameras, 120Hz ProMotion display and a new A15 Bionic processor, there can also be a new feature that will make iPhone 13 the most comfortable smartphone for the world as the users will not be needed to remove their masks to open their phones via Face ID recognition feature, in this way you will be protected with your mask in a public place and can open your smartphone too.

According to a Tech page, which has its internal sources in the company, the iPhone 13 will have an updated Face ID system, which will include an array of sensors that will ensure the right recognition of the user’s face even when the face will be half-covered with mask and glasses.

Currently, Apple has this feature in its testing stage where the employees are asked to use this upgraded Face ID while wearing glasses and masks.

Face ID is considered to be one of the most secure methods of facial detection that Apple has added as an important part of its privacy policy. And that is why this is going to be a headache for apple to reassemble the technology show that face authentication will be easy but still accurate.

This also means that iPhone 13 may not have this feature at the time of its launch but the company will activate this feature later on when it will be ready for use without any error.

For now, the iPhone allows the users with masks to unlock it using 2 methods. If the user is wearing a mask then the iPhone will analyse it and the passcode screen will appear, and Another method includes an Apple Watch which when paired with an iPhone and in close range then you will be able to unlock your iPhone without entering the passcode or removing the mask. But Apple is planning needs change the security system of the iPhone.

This problem needs a permanent solution as across the world coronavirus has been spread find walking out without a mask is very risky so it becomes risky to open your masks for unlocking your iPhones, and Apple will surely come with the solution to this problem.

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