Install ANX Camera In Any Custom ROM Without ROOT (Android 12+ Supported) 2023

Install ANX Camera

Install ANX Camera In Any Custom ROM Without Root is possible, You want to know how? let’s get started.

I have already installed it on my phone with the help of this easy method, I am going to share this method right here. So, be with this article till the end to know further on How To Install ANX Camera In Any Custom ROM Without Root.

But, Before going any further let’s know what is ANX Camera exactly is or how you can easily install it on your device and why it’s very useful for you if you are using any custom ROM in your android smartphone.

What Is ANX Camera

ANX Camera is a stock camera that is available for Xiaomi devices for AOSP-based ROMs. Usually, it is ported from the latest ROMs of MIUI having a new design and with a lot of other useful features such as Pro mode, Memoji, Portrait mode, MI vlog mode, etc.

Sadly, there is not a single validated way to install ANX Camera directly into your Custom ROM but many developers have made it possible to do so as the ANX camera has a lot of demand and it is better than other third-party cameras.

Other camera ports are also available for custom ROMs which will work on your device but in some devices, bugs are already present to stop the installation and features which will not work on all the devices of other camera ports like in some devices Google AR does not work and in some, there is an issue in the front camera like a green tint. This is the reason why many users focused to choose ANX Camera in their Custom ROMs.

If you want to install this ANX camera, thankfully a developer has ported ANX Camera for most of the Xiaomi smartphones. In this camera, you will be getting many new modes like Ultrapixel Mode (48 MP or 64 MP Mode), Beauty mode etc.


Description Of ANX Camera

ANX Camera
ANX Camera
Name: ANX Camera
Version: v204
Size: Devices Specific
Publisher: AEonAX
Category: Camera


Why Use ANX Camera

As I mentioned earlier people who have problems with their stock camera usually install this ANX Camera so that they can enjoy its rich features and modes like Timelapse in which you can lower the frequency at which you record a video and when viewed at normal speed the time appears to be move faster,

There is Portrait Mode in which the part of the subject in the picture is in sharp focus and other things are out of focus another feature like Beaty mode to enhance your beauty, Slow motion in which you can record up to 960fps, and another video mode is there in which you can record videos in 4K quality.

Panorama mode for taking group photos or any long-ranged photo, Dynamic shots, wide selfie option is also available and finally the most fun part of this camera, Xiaomi Memoji in which you can get your face transformed into an emoji in a video or a pic.

So, to enjoy all these features install ANX Camera into your Custom ROM in any of your Xiaomi smartphones. Remember that after installing this Ported Camera, your Stock camera will be replaced by ANX Camera but you still can install a Good Camera along with ANX Camera.

Note: On some devices, ANX Camera may not work properly due to some bugs present in your smartphone, then you have to download and flash add-ons.

Features Of ANX Camera

There are lots of useful and amazing features in this ANX Camera app, We have highlighted some of the main features Here:

  • Portrait Mode
  • Slow Motion Video Recording Up to 960FPS
  • Beauty Mode
  • 4K 60FPS Video Recording
  • Timelapse
  • Dynamic Shots
  • Panorama Mode
  • 4K EIS
  • Xiaomi Memoji
  • WideSelfie
Features Of ANX Camera
Features Of ANX Camera

Requirements To Use ANX Camera

  • An Android Device (Of Course).
  • Should Have A Custom ROM Installed.
  • Should Have A Custom Recovery Installed.
  • Magisk Manager Installed (Optional).
  • Should Have A Device Which Supports ANX Camera.

Supported Devices For ANX Camera

  • beryllium a.k.a. Poco F1
  • davinci a.k.a. Mi 9t/K20
  • raphael a.k.a. K20 Pro
  • dipper a.k.a. Mi 8
  • polaris a.k.a. Mix 2s
  • cepheus a.k.a. Mi 9
  • violet a.k.a. Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • lavender a.k.a. Redmi Note 7
  • perseus a.k.a. Mi Mix 3
  • equuleus a.k.a. Mi 8 Pro
  • platina a.k.a. Mi 8 Lite
  • grus a.k.a. Mi 9 SE
  • sirius a.k.a. Mi 8 SE
  • pyxis a.k.a. Mi CC9
  • laurus a.k.a. Mi CC9e
  • laurel_sprout a.k.a. Mi A3
  • ginkgo a.k.a. Redmi Note 8
  • begonia a.k.a. Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • willow a.k.a. Redmi Note 8 T
  • tucana a.k.a. Mi CC9 Pro / Mi Note 10
  • phoenix a.k.a. Poco X2

It May Work On Below Devices Also:

  • gemini a.k.a. Mi 5
  • whyred a.k.a. Redmi Note 5/Pro
  • cactus a.k.a. Redmi 6A
  • cereus a.k.a. Redmi 6
  • tulip a.k.a. Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • lotus a.k.a. MiPlay
  • nitrogen a.k.a. Mi Max 3
  • onc a.k.a. Redmi 7
  • riva a.k.a. Redmi 5A
  • rosy a.k.a. Redmi 5
  • tiare a.k.a. Redmi GO
  • ursa a.k.a. Mi 8 EE
  • chiron a.k.a. Mi Mix 2
  • jason a.k.a. Mi Note 3
  • mido a.k.a. Redmi Note 4/x
  • sagit a.k.a. Mi 6
  • sakura a.k.a. Redmi 6 Pro
  • vince a.k.a. Redmi 5 Pro
  • wayne a.k.a. Mi 6X
  • tissot a.k.a. Mi A1
  • daisy_sprout a.k.a. Mi A2 Lite
  • jasmine_sprout a.k.a. Mi A2
Install ANX Camera Now
Install ANX Camera Now

How To Install ANX Camera

You can easily install ANX Camera on your android device but before installing it remember, It will automatically replace your stock ROM camera with ANX Camera and you cannot use your stock ROM camera any further.

But, This ANX Cam doesn’t replace any GCam. So, if you are already using GCam then you are good to go. Let’s Install ANX Camera now with these simple steps:

Step 1. First of all, Visit ANX Camera Official Website.

Step 2. Scroll down & click on the Download button.

Step 3. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version and it should have support to your device.

Step 4. Download the ANX Camera Zip file.

Step 5. Flash the zip file from your custom recovery if you don’t have root. Else, If you have root and magisk installed then flash the zip file from your magisk app.

I Prefer Installing it From Magisk Manager.

Done! Reboot your device & Enjoy.

Note: In Some Xiaomi Devices Anx Camera will not work properly or there may be some bugs. So, Please flash addons or Install Zip File From the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does ANX Camera Support OnePlus Devices?
No, recently the development of ANX Cam for OnePlus (OxygenOS) devices has been stopped.
Q. Which One Is Better GCam Or ANX Camera?
Both cameras app are the best in their field. But, if you want to have a good UI camera with some extra features then you can go for ANX Cam.
Q. Will ANX Camera Support My Device?
It usually supports almost all Xiaomi / Redmi devices. But, before installing it, check the supported devices of ANX Camera.


So, this ANX app is one of my favourite camera app which I am using nowadays. I have shared a lot of details on how to download & install it on your device. I hope you have successfully downloaded & installed it on your android phone.

If you are having any issues then the comment section is always open below, ask your question or issue there and I’ll definitely reply to you. Hope you liked this article on Install ANX Camera In Any Custom ROM Without Root (Best & Easy Method) 2021

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