How to Play GTA 5 on Android

How to Play GTA 5 on Android:

GTA 5 has been a great sensation since 2013, this is the most played game among gamers. Everyone loves to play this game. It is a PC game and requires a high-end PC requirement to run it smoothly and this is the reason why most of us can’t afford to play this, we just end up watching GTA 5 streams and videos on youtube.

But today in this article I will tell you how to play this game over a mid-range android phone yes android phone! Using stream link You don’t even need a PC! So without any further delay let’s head on to today’s article.

What is Stream Link:

Steam Link is developed by Valve company that helps you to control your games using a smartphone but you need a fast internet connection to play it smoothly. They have paid games as well as many free games available so you need not worry.

Steps to use Stream Link:

  • Firstly download the Stream link app from the Google Play Store or App Store if you are an IOS user
  • Download and open Stream on your PC and login via your stream id, if you don’t have id then you have to create a new id
  • Wait till the scan is complete and select your PC from the list (connect your PC and phone through the same network, to be found on stream
  • Enter the code shown on your phone on pc and wait till the process is completed.
  • You are done now, Enjoy gaming!

How to play GTA 5 using Stream Link:

  • Connect your device to the streaming app running on your PC
  • When your device is successfully connected, go to the library where you can find all the games, paid as well as free
  • Now select GTA 5 on your device and you are ready to play!


So this is how you can play GTA 5 using an android or IOS phone without actually downloading them. If you liked the post please do share it with your friends!

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