How to Increase WiFi Speed in 2021

Increase Wifi Speed In 2021:

In the modern world of technology we all need fast internet to access things, surf the web, watch videos or do any other thing. For a modern highly technical society we all need fast internet to do our chores and a slow internet is a headache for us.

So in this article I am going to share some of the tips and tricks using which you can maximise your wi-fi speed and get your work done without any delay. So let’s proceed to the article.

Increase Wifi Speed In 2021
Increase Wifi Speed In 2021

How to Boost WiFi Speed:

Turn your router off and then turn it on :

This is the first most basic thing you can do to maximise your connection speed. All you have to do is turn your router off and then turn it on. It works mostly all the time if it does not work you can try our more tips, there are lots of them!

Use better Router Location:

This could be the second step you can do, place the router in the middle of the house if possible it will equally distribute the signals. Also make sure the antenna is placed upwards for better connection speed.

Update your Router’s firmware:

If your router’s firmware is not updated then you might experience slow connection speed. To check your router’s firmware version head on to the company’s official website then go to support and download the latest version. The downloading experience may vary from company to company.

 If needed use Wi-Fi extender:

If you have a big house with many rooms then wi-fi signals may not reach each and every place, which can result in bad connection speed. In this condition you need to choose a wifi extender, there are many in the market you can choose according to your budget.

Try DNS Flushing:

DNS flushing is exactly like clearing cache files ,the more number of cache files may result in poor connection speed. To flush DNS settings follow the steps:

1) Open command prompt menu (CMD)

2) In the Command prompt menu type ‘ipconfig/flushDNS’ and boom! You are done!


So these are some tips and tricks you can use to maximise your connection speed. Hope you liked this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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