How Much RAM Do You Need For Your PC? | Must Read To Know

RAM For Your PC:

For a gaming PC, the best place to start is the 16GB RAM. Previously, 8 GB was enough for PC games, but new games like Cyberpunk 2077 have a RAM requirement of 8GB but 16GB is recommended for this game.

Few new games also take advantage of 16 GB of RAM totally. This extra capacity also gives you some free space in using other applications while games are also running.

For most gamers, 16GB is enough but if you are planning to stream or using multiple applications like chrome, OBS Studio, etc. when you are playing games also then 32 GB will provide you with a little more space.

You may not be able to notice any performance difference between 16 GB and 32GB in games, so you should buy faster RAM if you’re solely interested in gaming.

Ram Speed Versus Capacity:

When you add more RAM to your system you won’t see any performance improvement if you already have what was needed, but the same cannot be said when the topic comes to RAM speed. DDR4 has become a standard across laptops, tablets, and desktops.

DDR has a range of speeds with every generation, DDR4 starts with DDR4-1600 and ends with DDR4-3200. The number written at the ends tells you the memory’s speed. There are lots of benefits of faster memory but the simplest one is that it will give you more cycles per second meaning the module can write and read data faster.

But it is not as simple as buying RAM sticks having the higher number as DDR4 memory modules all runs at 2133MHz, it does not matter what modules you buy or what rating has been given to them.

They will run at 2133 MHz which brings you a problem if you have already bought memory rated for 3200MHz which means that the manufacture has verified that the module runs at that rated speed but it does not mean that they will run at that speed.

Upgrading Your RAM:

RAM is not that expensive as you might think, but it is the easiest part of your desktop, laptop, PCs to be upgraded in most cases. Having a generous amount of RAM is wise but don’t get crazy for the numbers.

There is no reason for a gamer to have RAM which exceeds 32GB for now and there is no reason at all to exceed 16GB if you just want to watch shows on Netflix or any other media platform.

If your system does become restricted by RAM, then you can just simply add more RAM to it. This is a good idea even if you don’t feel comfortable upgrading your PC but eventually, you will experience the goods and will love your PC more.

The charge for installing RAM may not be that expensive as you may think, to check it you just need to go to a local PC Store for the information of installing RAM.

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