Garmin’s Venu SQ smartwatch

Garmin’s Venu SQ smartwatch:

The Garmin company has been known for fitness smartwatches which focuses on monitoring the health of the user with the help of its amazing features. Garmin is one of the public most favourite smartwatch company due to its stylish watches and the the ability to mix both the functions, of a smartwatch and a fitness utility device without compromising each others features.

This brand’s latest smartwatches are the Venu SQ and Venu SQ music edition, which is aiming to deliver many fitness features and other functions at relatively low price. These two new smartwatches is giving a lot of health centred features to boost your fitness journey. So, we will be presenting you about the Venu SQ which is of ₹22,990.00.


The Venu SQ has basic design which looks quite attractive and it is very comfortable so that it can be wore for a full day. It comes in various colours such as Black, Orchid or Metallic Orchid, , White or Light Gold, Moss, Navy, Shade Gray, and White. The dial of the Venu SQ is square in shape, the size of the dial is enough for a small screen and it has been made light weighted so that it is comfortable to be wore by the user.


Talking about the durability of this device, the quality is good but some cost cutting has been done to reduce the price as this product is of low price compared to its other products. A layer of Gorilla glass 3 protect the display of this device and it is certificated as 5 ATM water resistant.


The square shaped colour LCD panel of 1.3 inch surrounded by aluminium. The display is quite bright and the resolution of this device is enough to make the contents of the screen appear to the user. Jarring pixelation on the panel is absent and also the LCD seems dull under sunlight and the response of the touch is not good as other products of the same price.


This device runs Garmin’s OS (SW 2.70), which isn’t much fun to use but it contains most features. There are many features and settings inside it’s menu that can be loved by many first time Garmin users. You will surely enjoy using this smart watch due to its rich ecosystem of applications and functions.

IQ app store:

Garmin has an app store named Connect IQ, made by Garmin company itself. It lets you install many widgets, wallpapers and other services so that the user can customise their watch according to their choice. There is a huge menu of apps and services which will make you confuse to choose among them best for you will be your task and you can check insights about your profile, health activities. If you want these features in your smartwatch then you will be needed to download the Garmin connect app on your phone.

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