Free Online Courses With Certificates In 2021

Online certifications not only expand your knowledge and skill but also make your resume more eligible and attractive to the HRs of private or government companies. These free free online courses provides you an opportunity to learn many new skills from experts and that also for free.

There are Massive Open Online Courses’ platforms where the course is of free of cost but the charge for the printable certificates. Yes there are tons of free courses on the internet with certificates but not all courses have that kind of demand which some of the courses have and also does not cover the whole content of the course in depth.

Below here is our list of top 5 online courses with certificates that will surely improve your career and educational prospects.

1. CS50 Computer Science Introduction:

This is a free online computer science course which can will help you in learning the skill of understanding algorithms and find solution to problems according to it.

It involves a set of problems inspired by the real wordly domains of finance, biology, gaming, forensics and cryptography. By enrolling into this online course, you will be participating into research about computer learning.

2. The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps (Swift 3):

This course will make you into freelancer, entrepreneur or a developer. This iOS course includes you all ghe skills needed to be a developer.

This course also offers a complete section on how to create a startup, from an idea to making millions.

3.Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate:

This course includes a bunch of 6 courses, developed by Google to give in-demand skills like Git, IT automation and Python to IT professionals.

This course will help to give a boost to your career. In this course the learning material is designed in such a way that will teach you to program with Python and use Python to control repetitive tasks.

You will also get to learn to use GitHub and Git, debug and troubleshoot problems and how to automate it by using the Cloud and configuration management.

4. The Science of Well-Being:

This one is a general course which will help you to increase your happiness and build more healthy and production habits. This course tells about the misconceptions related to annoying features of the mind, happiness which may improve your way of thinking and also improve your personality.

5. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate:

This course helps you in building your career in data science or machine learning by providing you with in demand career-related skills and experience.

This course actually consists of 9 data science courses that will help you with the latest and in demand, job-ready tools and skills, including data visualisation, predictive modeling, SQL, machine learning algorithms and open source tools and libraries.

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