Elon Musk and Tesla are going to Launch Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robots:

Elon Musk’s Tesla is now the face of automatic electric cars. Now again, Tesla company is all set to enter the robot market. Elon Musk has said that the humanoid robot for Tesla is in its development stage and next year prototype will also be ready.

Those new humanoids are likely to work as regulators and repairers of the machines at the Tesla factories and other places owned by Tesla.

Despite having the fear of AI taking over Elon Musk is working on Humanoids. Elon Musk has been the root cause in the development of technological industries with different companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

Elon has always feared about AI taking over manpower but still, his company has started its work on the humanoids, which could the most advanced robot till now.

Elon Musk has stated that the upcoming humanoid robot made by Tesla is made to be friendly with humans. This new robot will work in the mechanical department so that it does not affect the manpower that much which everyone is feared.

The tesla robot will be an expert with machines software and hardware, in the software section, it is likely to be made for repairing and checking Tesla automobiles for its assistance software.

Moreover, the official website of Tesla is also clear that these robots are going to be designed to complete those tasks that are boring, repetitive, or unsafe.

Talking about the physical appearance of the Tesla humanoid robot, it is going to be 5″8′ tall, it will weigh about 125 lbs and at the top, there will be a screen in the place of a face.

The robot will be called “Optimus” within the company, told Elon Musk. In the AI Day event, the Tesla company showed a dummy version of the Tesla humanoid.

Furthermore, Elon Musk presented the sketch of the Tesla robot and also talk about its supercomputer technologies and AI. He told reporters that Tesla Robots’ ultimate achievement would be to give power to the Tesla self-driving cars for complete one day.

What To Expect:

With the intention of Tesla in the robotic industry, it could bring a big change in this industry. Tesla has talked about many unique ideas for their robots such as solar-powered superchargers but Elon Musk has also been against the use of AI that could bring some backlash at the company and also to Elon Musk.

Talking about the launch date of these humanoids, Elon Musk has not announced any particular date or time for it but he did say that a prototype will be ready till next year but that’s also not a defined time.

We are waiting for an official teaser or an announcement, after that only we will be able to gain more information about it.

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