Are Video Games making children Smarter?

Video Games making children Smarter?

In the modern era of science and technology games are something we all play and entertain ourselves when needed. This is the era when all the age groups are exposed to the internet including children and most of the time they are involved in playing various games on smartphones, PCs, or over gaming consoles so you might wonder if playing games make children smarter?

According to a survey done by researchers of Yale University, it had been found that the children who played video games for 20 min three times a week and for four months have been found performing better on reading and mathematical questions for those who have not played the game.
This survey shows that playing video games in a controlled way increases the ability of a child to analyze and solve problems.

This is how video games make children Smarter:

  • Computer and Simulation fluency:
    When someone plays a video game he/she had to deal with fluent graphics and simulations which they have to analyze carefully and deal accordingly with the game to perform well, this act develops a tendency to analyze and differentiate in children.
  • It Increases child’s memory power:
    In many games, the player has to memorize the things which he/she had watched in the game to cross the game or to kill the enemy which indirectly increases the child’s memory.
  • Concentration Power:
    Video games are something that requires a lot of concentration just like studies, you have to concentrate on every element of the game very carefully as the scenes are constantly changing and require a lot more attention in order to beat your opponent.
  • Helps in problem-solving and fast strategic thinking:
    The most of time playing a video game the player is busy making strategies of defeating the opponent and figuring out how to do that in order to win the game, Which indirectly helps the child to develop these skills.
  • Develops Hand-eye coordination:
    While playing a video game the player is commanding the game through the keyboard and also keep an eye on the screen, this helps to build great hand-eye coordination which gradually helps the child later on.
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