Are Video Games Is A Waste Of Time! (Must Read)

Isn’t it true that video and computer games are a waste of time:

That’s incorrect. Sorry, parents, but it appears that there is a lot of wonderful stuff going on when children play video games. Of course, this isn’t always the case; there are plenty of games that teach us nothing or nothing. However, the right games, when played correctly, will encourage learning, develop spatial skills, improve coordination, and improve our mood. Oh, because they have the ability to make us nicer.

1. Gaming shows us how to play nicely with others:

You might think of gaming as a solitary activity, yet most children regard it as a communal activity. Games allow children to interact with other children of all ages and to create new friends. Pro-social activity is aided by role-playing, cooperation, and teamwork.

Games will also put parents and children together, allowing them to have fun while learning from one another, as well as improve connectivity and comprehension. While gaming, players form social bonds with one another, are frequently faced with moral dilemmas and disagreement, and are frequently required to work to solve difficult problems.

Gaming also allows kids to play in a fun environment, where they can see their faults and fix them right away – a valuable lesson in perseverance. Online games transcend geographical, religious, and political boundaries, providing a common interest for children from various cultures and allowing them to play and learn together.

2. Gaming promotes peer-to-peer learning:

For children, games serve as a global touchstone. They may function as role models for other youngsters and share strategies, while also learning patience and communication skills. Many games can bring together children with varying learning methods and skills. Collaborative learning improves critical thinking abilities as well.

In terms of age, gaming is a fantastic leveler: multi-player games enable younger children to enter and even lead mixed-age teams.

3. Gaming might pique your interest in new areas

Computer and video games may bring subjects like arithmetic, politics, mythology, geography, history, and science to life, inspiring a youngster to learn more. Take advantage of your child’s curiosity by assisting them in exploring the links between subjects and laying the groundwork for future learning.

4. Gaming is beneficial to the brain

We have evolved to be stimulated by problem-solving and learning, according to games theorist Tom Chatfield. Individually and together, games have motivational benefits. They’re built to make you happy by triggering the release of dopamine in your brain. Chatfield claims that we can make games that “check our evolutionary boxes” and are “very compelling,” and that we can extend that engagement into the real world.

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