Android 12 Beta 4 Is Here With New And Much Faster Search Bar

Android 12 Beta 4:

With the release of the fourth beta on 11th August 2021, Android 12 has reached its stable and functional condition. Android 12 Beta 4 represented an important goal as we move closer towards its public release. The latest beta.

Beta 4 has not brought any new features but it does provide us with the first look at a faster search bar of the pixel launcher which was in a development state for some time.

The first glimpse of the new search bar for the Pixel launcher was seen during the Android 12 developer preview 2, and now we have got it in working condition in Android 12 Beta 4. But the user needs root access to be able to use it.

The Google app-powered search widget will be replaced by this new search bar in the Pixel Launcher’s app drawer, but on the home screen Google search bar widget it will still be used.

Many screenshots have been shared and we can see that the new search bar lets you quickly find shortcuts, contact widgets, apps, conversations, settings, tips, and many more.

You will also have the option to choose what type of results should pop up, and also you can toggle whether you want the search keyboard to open up automatically by itself when you click on the search bar to search something or not. The previous search bar uses to simply open the Google app which also took time and many complaints were also there against it.

This new search bar will let you jump directly to a specific path of an application directly from the app drawer. Let’s take an example, if you type the word ‘camera’, this search bar will give you options like Take a selfie, Take a video, record video, go to the gallery, etc. This is the new solution and is very fast useful for many users.

Pixel Launcher’s search bar is taking advantage of a new API name AppSearch, it was released with Android 12 Beta 3. AppSearch is an on-device search library that is completely offline, its developers have made it so that they can integrate it into the users’ applications and provide a highly rich, full-text searching feature.

We are all getting the new search bar working in the Pixel Launcher due to a brand new service called AiAiSearchUiService, which is added in the Android System Intelligence app. This service is the system’s default UI service on the Pixel smartphones.

This UI service wasn’t present in previous versions of the Android System Device Personalization/Intelligence services app, and this was the reason why the search bar feature was not working in the past Android 12 beta releases.

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