Android 12 Beta 3 Is Out! – Everything You Need To Know

Android 12 Beta 3:

Google has released Android 12 Beta 3, which comes with little changes and improvements comparing with the last beta. But still, we are away from the stable form of Android 12, the number of users will get high after its release as many users are still waiting for it.

The users will be in surprise after its release as Android 12 will be the biggest update to Android after so many years as Google is still adding new features to this update. Like in Android 12 Beta 3, many new features have been added like a smarter auto-rotate, scrolling screenshots and a lot more features. In this article, we’re going to talk about Android 12 Beta 3 and its new features.

A Smarter, Faster Auto-Rotate:

In this new beta version, Android has enhanced its screen auto-rotation feature. The redrawing and animation of the screen have been optimised by Google, and an ML-driven gesture detection algorithm has also been added. These changes have reduced the time duration of auto-rotation by 25%.

No colourful icons for settings:

The colourful menu icons of settings have been removed. They didn’t want the same look of the settings as the previous Android OS versions so they decided to bring a change. And also Google wanted to create the settings’ icon more reliable so that it won’t mix up with whatever color theme the users use or the wallpaper.

Scrolling Screenshots:

It is the most exciting feature which is going to be added in the Android 12 Beta 3, scrolling screenshots. It lets the user screenshot content which is scrollable that is any long post, paragraph, or several photos on your screen so that the user doesn’t have to capture the screenshots 1 by 1 and then make a collage of them to stick it together with the help of any application.

Customisable dynamic themes:

Earlier the users chose any wallpaper for their screen the theme was automatically generated but the users were not able to change or choose the palette of their choice but this updated version has a feature that will automatically generate a theme for you after you pick a wallpaper of your choice.

Then you will choose the palette using an application, the WallpaperPicker app. Themed icons: In the WallpaperPicker app there is a new toggle named themed icons which can applications’ icons according to the theme the user chooses, a large of application icons can be changed but not every application will be affected by it.

Quick copying of links from the recent apps overview:

This updated version has an app named Device Personalisation Services app, available on pixel phones which provides a large number of features. This app uses Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) to select texts and images, even it can those from the recent apps overview which will a lot of time for many users who use this copy-paste feature for any purpose.

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