Amazon Alexa Will Help You With COVID-19

Amazon Alexa:

Now Amazon Alexa can solve almost most of the questions and queries related to Covid-19 on your smart devices and Amazon Echo smart speakers. This smart assistant has been updated with COVID-19 news and many new features for users in India.

According to Amazon, Alexa can give you information about vaccination centers and testings, it can also provide information on the availability of vaccines, details to contribute towards COVID-19 relief, COVID-19 helpline numbers, and many more features.

Amazon is getting the information from many sources like the website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the CoWIN portal, and also from MapmyIndia.

New COVID-19 Related Information On Alexa-Enabled Devices In India:

Information About Nearest COVID-19 Testing Centers:

Smartphones with Amazon’s Alexa can help you in finding the nearest COVID-19 testing center with the information of traveling distance which has been possible due to partnership with MapmyIndia. You can simply ask questions like “Alexa, where the COVID-19 test is being done?”

Information Related To The Vaccination Centers Near You:

Now, Alexa can also find you the nearest COVID 19 vaccination centers with the availability of vaccines for it. According to Amazon, Alexa has access to your GPS from which it locates you and gives you the vaccination centers list which is near you.

This information can be used to calculate your visiting time to the CoWIN portal for booking an appointment for vaccination. You just have to ask, “Alexa, where can my COVID vaccination be done?”

Search Vaccination Centers For Other Locations Also:

You can also have access to the information about the vaccination centers of other areas also .i.e. you can also look for the availability of vaccines for your friends and family. This is a simple Alexa skill, you need to allow the “Vaccine Info” on your smartphone.

The pin code of the area will be required as well as the age category to show you the vaccination center’s information. Alexa can also set a reminder for you if the vaccine is not available. You have said, “Alexa, show me vaccine info”.

Get The Completion Rates Of The COVID Vaccine:

Alexa can also provide the latest information about the COVID’s vaccination speed in India. To know the number of vaccinated people till now you have to ask, “Alexa, how many people have been vaccinated in India?”

Get All Your Doubts Related To COVID Vaccination Cleared:

If you have any basic queries or doubts related to the COVID-19, you can just ask Alexa questions like, “Alexa, how safe is COVID vaccine?” or “Alexa, how to register for the COVID vaccine?”.

Alexa can also help you with the COVID helpline number of any state in India, you just need to say, ” Alexa, Give me the COVID helpline number of West Bengal?”

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