6 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe From Hackers

Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe:

Smartphones have become a very personal and integral part of our lives. We use smartphones for doing or takes help from it for literally everything for shopping, booking cabs and tickets, watching tutorials, making payments, and many more.

With that, our smartphones stores a lot of personal and confidential information about us, such as credit card details, passwords of all kinds whether it is of social media or Gmail.

But even after storing this much information about us in the smartphone, we do not pay much attention to the total safety of our stored data. Yeah, there are multiple built-in security measures, but that does not mean they are fully safe from hackers.

For that here are few simple tricks for your Android smartphone that you can follow and be safe from being an easy target of hackers.

1. Lock Apps Of Your Device:

Just locking the lock screen with a password can not help to be completely safe, you must also lock individual applications especially those apps that have online shopping apps with saved credit card details and mobile wallets with passwords.

For this many smartphones have the feature of locking individual apps but you can also install an app for this. Some applications like Paytm also have built-in locking features.

2. Download Applications From Trusted Sources Only:

While installing any application always keep mind to install from trusted sources only such as Google Play Store, and also do not ever forget to check the ratings and the reviews the app has received before clicking on the install button and also check the privacy policy of the app.

3. Checking Permissions Required by The Apps:

Another important thing to keep in mind while downloading an app, make sure that you read the full information about all the data the app will have access to of yours, after being downloaded. For example, many calculator apps ask for storage permission which is not at all required.

4. Downloading Android Device Manager:

It is one of the most useful apps by Google, if it ever happens that you lost your Android smartphone, this application can help to locate it. This app can become very useful in getting back stolen or lost Android phones. This application can also be remotely used to factory reset devices.

5. Download A Paid Anti Virus Application:

It sounds very obvious but it is a very precious step to follow, taking into consideration the types of personal and important information we have on our smartphones nowadays. So remember to install a paid antivirus application for your device.

6. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fis:

Do not use public WiFi networks as you can never know whether they are 100% safe or not. Also, make sure that your Android smartphone does not automatically connect to open WiFi networks when it is available and always keep Wi-Fi turned off when it is not required.

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