5 Tips To Save-Up Your Smartphone’s Battery

Save Your Smartphone’s Battery:

Nowadays Android smartphones have brighter and bigger screens and have a lot of high-end features which drain most of the battery life. Many factors shorten the battery life of your smartphones like brighter screens background software, thinner bodies, faster software, and many more.

Though manufacturers are working on the battery life too for all the features usually takes up too much battery life. For you all we have come up with simple tricks to save your battery life, ultimately you can use your smartphone for a longer period of time.

1. Turning On Power Saving Mode:

When you think that you are going to face a situation where you need your smartphone to last longer than it normally does, then you should switch on your phone’s power-saving modes, which cuts back the background functions that eat up a lot of battery life. This power-saving mode is more advanced in Android 10 as you can select particular apps and control them to use less power.

2. Keep A Watch Over Your Network Data:

Network data uses a tremendous amount of battery of your phone, always try to use WiFi when it’s possible. When you want to save your battery life then you should turn off the mobile data services from the settings and if you want your battery life to be more then you should turn on airplane mode which disables all data network features.

3. Use Dark Mode:

The dark mode is not even good for your battery but also your eyes but it will benefit your battery only when your smartphone has an OLED or AMOLED display. Most older phones have LCD screens that eat up the battery and even if your phone is in dark mode It will not benefit you anything, but when you are smartphone have an OLED or AMOLED display, it means that the smartphone turns off the pixels that display black color when in dark mode, so so you are really saving some battery when all the bright color panels have been turned to dark. According to a report, by using dark mode in an OLED or AMOLED display you can save up to one hour of battery life.

4. Turn Off Active Tracking:

Inbuilt features like Bluetooth, location services, are really helpful but these also drain your battery even when your smartphone pings to connect or update. If you really want to save your battery life, then turn them off immediately and use them only when you actually require these features.

5. Turn Off Assistant Programs:

Nobody needs the voice and work from assistant programs all the time. So so to save your battery life you need to shut the Google assistant up, by going into the Google Assistant settings and turn it off, which will eventually stop Google assistant from listening to you and also from using up your battery life. Even if you have a Samsung device you can turn off the Bixby voice assistant from the settings.

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