5 Amazing Gadgets For You Smartphone To Make It Look More Cool

Amazing Gadgets:

If you got a new phone and you are still not satisfied with it, you can try some gadgets to make it more stylish and more useful too. Nowadays, every person uses a phone whether it is a smartphone or not but the one who uses the smartphone,

May also like some gadgets to enhance its utilization and also to look cooler and stylish. Here are some useful gadgets to make your device look cooler and save your time too.

1. IMStick:

IMStick is a cool smartphone holder and it is different from other holders due to its flexible cable. A cable which can be reshaped and can be placed at many places such as on table, bicycle, car and many more places.

IMStick has a magnetic attachment, which means a small magnetic element needs to be placed under the back case and your smartphone will be attached to the IM Stick Pad or any magnetic surface. Now you will not be having any thought of falling off your smartphone.

2. inCharge 6 Cable:

This is the only cable you need to do almost every task of different types of cables as this is the 6 in 1 connecting cables which connects between different types of USB devices, to be precise, inCharge 6 supports Lightning, USB, Type C, and Micro USB connections.

This 6 in 1 cable, inCharge 6 is lightweight, easy to use, and pocket-sized. inCharge 6 is magnetic on both sides so they will be attached and it looks really cool.

3. Razer Kishi Gaming Controller for Smartphone:

Razer’s new gaming controller for smartphones was caught by many eyes as it has stunning looks, is lightweight, and is compatible with both Android and iPhone. This controller is a foldable device that makes it comfortable to carry around.

It does not have any battery but it takes the power from the phone itself. But it also has a USB C port that can charge your phone while enjoying the games using the controller.

4. Adonis Snap 2 Stylus:

This astonishing gadget is specially made for iPhone users. This gadget combines the sharpness of a fine point stylus with a Bluetooth remote for a camera shutter and makes it a unique tool for iPhone users.

Now, you can draw, write, and doodle on your smartphone screen with more accuracy. The shutter remote makes it easier to control the camera of the iPhone and instantly take photos.

5. Most X:

Most X is a foldable smartphone stand, which is so much comfortable that when it is present in your pocket while it is folded, you will not feel anything but the presence of your phone, it is because of its thinness of 5 mm and also due to it is lightweight.

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